Boo Bean (pipskintine) wrote,
Boo Bean

I know its been almost a month, but I'm still VERY upset about it. Greg and I went to see Roger Waters in september at the palace. Now if you know anything about Roger, he's incredibly political, and at his concert he sang about the middle east and the war and showed moving pictures of the israel-palestine wall. However, my concert shirt was made in turkey and greg's was made in honduras. Two countries which have horrible human rights laws, and i was so upset because in the album "amused to death" you're lead to believe that he feels strongly about human rights. Now not to compare the 2, however, when greg and i went to see David Gilmour, his concert shirts were all free trade and his tour books were made from recycled paper and vegetable ink. And David is not as outrightly political as Roger. Sigh, I really hate money hungry stars who dont practice what they preach.

on another angry note, im NOT getting that car, it was a scam...soo i have to find another one! damned people.
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