Boo Bean (pipskintine) wrote,
Boo Bean

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i love you

soo my weekend home was sweet(of course my weekend is monday and tuesday), but greg and i took the shizz to her first drum and bass party which was sweet. Greg got down hard, and i danced semi hard, shanta got down too. Greg and i got an apartment, its gorgeous. I am SOOOO excited. $500 a month, all utilities included, PLUS cable tv.fuckin sweet eh? Ill be home in 3 weeks for the roger waters concert, so get ahold of me so i can see you. i turn 21 in like 40 days, so ill be home for that too!! woo woo! 21! anyhow, i luff hyou guys, thanks shanta for spending all day monday and tuesday with greggles and i, i luff hyou tew.

buh bye ^_^
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