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Some things are not made to last...

Boo Bean
10 October
3 libras, 3:26, 50's pin ups, a perfect circle, agwats, american history x, andy, animal rights, anime, antiques, art, barbarians, bass, bats in jars, bixels, bjork, black and white photography, books, boondock saints, boston, brotherhood of the wolf, buffalo tom, calligraphy, candles, changes, chortling, chucks, chunk, coffee, collecting random skulls, counting crows, cradle of filth, dark crystal, david bowie, dazed and confused, discovery channel, disney movies, donnie darko, dragons, echo, edgar allan poe, educational television, edward scissorhands, elves, elvis-haters club, empire records, europe, faeries, faires, fat-pie.com, fifth element, fight club, fire, floppy slippers, foo fighters, fordirelifesake, forests, frankfurt, gir, goatees, gollum, hayao miyazaki, hippos!, history channel, history international, invader zim, inxs, ireland, irish accents, johnny depp, johnny the homicidal maniac, kilts, labyrinth, legends, lord of the rings, money, monty python, moots, moulin rouge, music, my so called life, neuschwanstein, nightmare before christmas, nile, nude photography, nymphs, organic food, outkast, peircings, period movies, photography, pickles, picture frames, pink floyd, pirateering, pirates, pixies, poetry, pointy nails, poison the well, portishead, possums, purple woot!, quills, rasputina, reggie, requiem for a dream, roger waters, salvador dali, saves the day, scotland, sculpture, smashing pumpkins, snatch, squee, stained glass, star, starbucks, styx, swing dancing, swing music, system of a down, taking back sunday, tattoos, the cranberries, the cure, the dark crystal, the doors, the german language, the labyrinth, theres more..., thursday, tim burton, tool, true history, unh, vampire hunter d, vegan, vegetarian, vikings, vincent price, zwan